Welcome to the home of our Clients and if you are  our current client I express welcome to you. I am Charles Howard, Founder, Owner and CEO of Datacharlie LLC. We are a Managed Services Provider, Providing full Information Technology  services  around the global.

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18th Apr 2021
09:00-10:00 AM
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We do not charge per call,  nor do we charge for time on site. We charge one flat rate for all Our services

We offer a ten (10) days free support services for you to measure our services. We also do not give you a charge, we discuss with  you for a fee that fits your budget. So make us an Offer!!

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April 1st 2019

Our Client of the Month

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Mike Edward

Executive Director Hope International

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July 1st 2021

Our Most Recent Client

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Alisa Henry

CEO Woman’s International

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What Our Clients Say

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Kelly Catherine

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Amy White

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Teddy Jackson

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